Bishop let loose obscene texts, images and forced unnatural sex, says nun

Kottayam : The nun’s secret statement to the magistrate is out and accuses Bishop of barraging her with erotic messages, pictures of his private parts and attempts to rape.

The 208-page statement reads “The bishop stalked me for past two years. When I put up stiff resistance, he nurtured grudge against me”.

The nun recounts the first instance of abuse saying “I didn’t take his suggestions to having sex till one day he called me to his room on pretext to get his apron ironed and sexually abused me”

The bishop also forced her into having unnatural sex, says the nun.

“When I complained to the priests, they merely laughed it away,” reads the nun’s testimony.

Following the experience she sought transfer t another Parish which antagonised the bishop and he set forth mental torture, the nun claims.

Finally she managed to get the transfer through to Kuruvilangatu Ashram, but the bishop started to visit there too after which she approached the police, says nun.

“I lodged a complaint only after being pushed to the wall” reads her secret statement.

The Case
The nun, whose identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons, in her complaint says Bishop Mullakal raped her at a guest house in Kuravilangad in Kottayam district first in May 2014 and later on 13 different occasions.

Incidentally, the nun works in an institution that functions under the diocese in Punjab and headed by Bishop Mullakal.

The nun approached the police early May following alleged inaction by church authorities.

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