Japan Floods : Death Toll Crosses 200, Outbreaks of Disease Feared

As Japan battles to tackle its worst flooding in 36 years, soaring temperatures and acute water shortage has prompted fears of disease outbreaks as death toll tops 200.

More than 70,000 search and rescue workers are scouring through debris and mud to find people who are missing.

However, though rains have disappeared, it is replaced by high temperatures hampering rescue efforts as mud begins to harden.

 2,40,000 homes are still without water. Shortage of water has also impacted local hospitals, with reports of delayed surgeries and dialysis patents having to be transferred in order to undergo treatment.

Govt is sending tucks of water to the disaster areas but supplies are tight.

Also, thousands of evacuees are camped in temporary shelters and on mats laid on the floor in schools without air conditioners making  them susceptible to illnesses and disease outbreak.

Last week’s downpours caused widespread landslides, flooding and burst riverbanks forcing more than two million residents across 29 prefectures to flee their homes and leaving tens of thousands without water and electricity.

Gove spokesman Yoshihide Suga put the official death toll at 204 on Friday with 28 people still missing.

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