Migrant Worker Assaulted On False Suspicion Dies, One Arrested

Kollam : A migrant worker from Bengal died from head injuries sustained four days back, when a group in Anchal beat him brutally on  suspicion of stealing which later proved to be false.

The incident took place on 24 June in Kollam’s Anchal area.

Manik Roy ,34, was returning home carrying a hen when a group of men from the area accosted him claiming the hen was stolen. Soon they grew violent and began to beat Roy brutally.

Hearing his cries, a crowd gathered including a man who came running and saidit was he who gave Roy the fowl. Soon the attackers fled the scene.

Roy was taken to nearby hospital where his condition grew critical.

He was being shifted to Trivandrum Medical College next day but died en route.

One of the attackers an Anchal resident has been arrested today.

All attackers have been identified and are being pursued, police said.

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