If Menstruation is Disqualification, Then Motherhood is Offence Too : Sreeramakrishnan

Speaking up on his page in Facebook, Assemble Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan  said if menstruating is considered as disqualification and offensive for entering a temple, motherhood too should be considered so.

The minister was referring to Supreme Court questioning menstruation as basis of ban on women in their fertile ages in the historic temple of Sabarimala.

“Since no human can be born without a fertile womb, how can menstruation the origin of motherhood, be perceived as an offence by the modern society,” ?

Sreeramakrishnan acknowledged that it is good to follow and keep customs and rituals alive, but pointed out there should be no violation of fundamental rights in doing so.

The 800-year old ban that forbids women from pilgrimaging to Lord Ayyappa temple atop hills of Sabarimala between ages 10 – 10. The ban is being challenged by a group known as Happy to Bleed joined by others of similar thinking.

In a twist govt for the fourth time changed it’s stand in the apex court saying it favours entry of women of all ages to the temple. The hearing resumes its 4th day today with observations so far indicating removal of the ancient ban.

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