52-day Trawl Ban Ends, Fishing To Begin Tues Midnight

Kochi : The annual monsoon trawling ban that began on June 10 comes to and end tomorrow, midnight of 31 July 2017.

The 52-day ban this time was 5 days extra over conventional 47 days restriction to trawl  seas.

The fishing community had a particularly lean time this year when fisheries department restricted their boats even before the ban, owing to torrential rains and stormy weather.

Supplies dried out leading to rapid rise in fish prices and also instances of fishes being preserved in prohibited chemicals including formalin were reported.

Meanwhile the fishermen  are busy to get sea- ready with full-tank fuel, nets and all  Ice plants that shut in the past one-and-half month too have begun operations.

However most fisher folk to spoke to the media remain apprehensive of the days ahead as rain and disruptive weather is forecast to continue.

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