Nationwide transport strike opposing Vehicles Act begins

The countrywide transport strike in protest of Motor Vehicles Act has begun stranding hundreds of thousands of commuters in several parts of all states.

Local issues too have been pressed into protestors’ demands alongside problems relevant pan-India.

Controlling rising fuel prices tops the chart while several unions have demanded toll-free movement on highways and reduction in third-party insurance. Transport owners also demand GST exemption for third party insurance.

The Left has added its call for strike over its 10-point demand which includes price hike of bus tickets.

Cargo-carrying vehicles have stopped plying affecting port related businesses.

Office goers and other daily commuters are also left in the lurch.

App-based taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber have lend their support to the strike in some states including Kerala and Karnataka.

The Motor Vehicle (Amendment ) Bill 2017 raises fears for private entities entering public transport sector which is the main contention triggering today’s massive strike.

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