JNU leader Umar Khalid has narrow escape; Gunman flees after scuffle

JNU student leader Umar Khalid had a miraculous escape after an armed assailant fled the  scene after brief scufle.

The incident took place Monday morning outside Constitution Club, near Parliament which is heavily guarded in prelude to Independence Day.

The Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU) student  was at Constitution Club to attend an event Khauf se Azadi(Towards Freedom Without Fear” organised by NGO, United Against Hate.

The attack took place moments before the programme was scheduled to roll out at 2.30 when Khalid stepped out of the club for tea with three friends.

“I was returning after tea with friends when a hefty man pounced on me. He grabbed my neck from behind with his arms, punched an threw me to the ground. I noticed the gun and held his hand holding the weapon, trying to shove it aside,” recounted Khalid.

“My friends soon try to overpower him. He then got and ran away leaving the gun behind,” he added.

Police have recovered visuals of the attack from CCTV installed outside RBI building across the road and are probing into the incident.

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