Bad made worse : Mullaperiyar opens shutters into Idukki dam

Kumali : As the state grapples with record flooding, Tamil Nadu operated  Mullaperiyar dam has opened its shutters into  Idukki reservoir where the dam, already reeling under rising waters from torrential rain.

The 11 shutters were raised by 1 feet Wednesday morning after water levels in the dam rose to 140 ft.

4490 cubic feet of water is presently draining out through the spillway.

Anticipating the release, the collector issued alerts and ordered people ib the banks of Mullaperiyar to vacate before 9 pm last night.

Also over 4,000 people have been evacuated from regions below Idukki dam which would have added flooding in sequence effect.

Following Mullaperiyar measures the State Disaster Management Authority here decided to release release still more more from Cheruthoni dam.

Mullaperiyar located in Thekkaday, Idukki is maintained and operated by Tamil Nadu.

On 21 Nov 2014,  the dam reached 142ft for then first time in 35 years.



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