Delhi Shocker ! Centre disallows UAE flood aid to Kerala

Kerala : In a frustrating turn of events, Kerala will not be allowed to access UAE aid of Rs 700 crores meant to rehabilitate its people and restore it’s infrastructure after being hit by century’s biggest flooding ever.

A 15-year-old policy that disallows foreign aid is the basis of Centre’s surprising stand. No amendment to the policy shall be made, it affirmed.

Crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan spoke with PM Narendra Modi yesterday about its Rs 700 cr offer to Kerala for tackling flooding aftermath.

Kerala since 9 August witnessed unprecedented rains, landslides and flooding. Worst-hit regions like Kuttanad, Chengannur and Palakkad continues to have large portions of land still under water. Over 7 lakh people are presently in relief centres with huge costs to maintain them. Roads, bridges, highways, shops, business and industrial units and homes of hundreds of thousands remain ravaged. The disaster is viewed as massive world over.

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