Way Round : Kerala can hold a global meet and seek UN flood aid, says Tharoor

New Delhi : Kerala might be able to get around Centre’s tactic to block foreign aid if Thiruvananthapuram MP and former diplomat Shashi Tharoor is to be believed.

The parliamentarian had talks with several UN aid officials in Geneva who asked him to examine if the situation in Kerala needs assessment by it’s agencies.

“Depending on whether the quantum of long term reconstruction assistance from the central got is adequate, the state govt could give thought to holding an international reconstruction conference to rebuild Kerala in partnership with the UN system,” Tharoor said in a statement after his visit to UN at his own expense.

The agencies he visited included UN office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs(OCHA), World Health Organisation(WHO) and  International Red Cross in informal capacity.

WHO is ready to provide Kerala with diagnostic kits to test water, water filters and monitoring non-communicable disease patients on medication.

Kerala witnessed century’s worst flooding following torrential rain prompting authorities to open 33 out of 39 dams simultaneously.

Hundreds died in the water that rose rapidly and at places without a history of flood in the past. Over 7 lakh displaced people continue to be sheltered in 6,500 districts across the state.

UAE offered Rs 700 crore as against Rs. 500 crore from Centre. However government at Delhi pointed out a 15-year-old policy that disallows foreign funds and blocked the UAE handout.


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