“Super Cleaning Mission” to take off Tuesday : Rehabilitating Kuttanad

Alappuzha : A 3-day Super Cleaning Mission comprising 55,000 people will take off tomorrow aimed  to rehabilitate people of Kuttanadu.

The rehabilitation campaign, to be Kerala’s largest so far, will see maximum number of Kuttanadu natives return to their homes by 31 August.

Modus Operandi
Clean Up 
High pressure pumps will be made available for cleaning houses. The slush collected from each house will be dumped at a common site.

Houses will use phenol during cleanup. 40 tons of lime has been stored for later use.

Water logged in paddy fields will be pumped before Tuesday.

Maintenance Works
The engineering secton of local bodies will survey damage of  each household. A team of electricians, plumbers and carpenters who have been assigned a ward each, will then attend maintenance works needed by houses.

Halls and auditoriums will be first cleaned up and needed works done.

Snake Catching
A special team with expertise at snake catching too has been deployed. Members are drawn from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Data Collection
A team of volunteers will work in control rooms to collect data. Three persons linked to the database counters will set out to visit each ward.

They will report on availability of drinking water and chances of diarrhoea . They will also collect data on cases of fever and other infections from each household on 31 Aug.

Torrential rains wrecked havoc in Kerala triggering worst flooding in a century. Lakhs of displaced victims continue to take refuge in relief camps. Kuttanadu is the worst -hit place with high waters still submerging thousands of homes under water.


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