NDTV raises Rs. 10 cr in its 6-hour telethon for Kerala

In contrast to the scenario where Malayalis were left exasperated after one channel Republic TV called people reeling under floods “shameless”, its peer NDTV has raised whopping Rs 10 cr in just six hours for flood relief via its telethon.

Notable among donors was J&K Bank chairman Parvez Ahmad who donated Rs 50 lakhs.

Faber-castell donated Rs. 3 lakh and bought a painting by 11-yer-old artist Aarav Verma for Rs 11 lakhs in charity.

Singer Jasbir Jasi performed live for NDTV’s telethon in the fundraising series.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan performed live with his sons Amaan and Ayaan for the cause.

The promise
NDTV advertised the different kits the relief money would be funneled into. It included :

Household kits
*    Tarpaulin sheets
*     Rope
*     Flash torch with batteries
*     Mosquito nets
*     Floor mats
*     Utensils

Stay-in-school Kits
*     School bags
*     Activity Tools
*     Exercise Books
*     Pencil Boxes
*     Pencils
*     Drawing Books
*     Erasers

Hygiene Kits
*     Soaps
*     Towels
*     Sanitary napkins
*     Antiseptic liquids
*     Laundry tubs
*     Detergent powder
*     Combs

Water Kits
*     Jerry cans
*     Bucket and mugs
*     Water purification tablets

Dry Ration Kits
*     Rice  25 Kgs
*     Dal     2 kgs
*     Sugar  1 Kg
*     Salt     1 Kg
*     Oil        1 Ltr
*     Biscuits

Arnab Goswami, one of country’s brash TV anchors came under fire and fury of Malayali community after terming them shameless over controversy involving accepting financial aid from UAE.

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