Pinarayi murder accused Soumya’s death : Women’s jail staff to face action

Kannur: Staff at Kannur women’s sub jail face stringent action including suspension for lapse pertaining to suicide of Pinarayi murder accused inside jail premises.

Jail DGP R Sreelekha suspended three assistant prison officers there and has recommended similar measure for the jail superintendent too.

According to sources action against three others are pending.

28-year-old Soumya was arrested this April after allegedly confessing to killing her 8-year-old daughter Aishwarya, father Kunhikannan (76) and mother Kamala (68) by lacing their food with rat poison.

Her younger daughter Keerthana, then 1-year- old had died in 2012. However Soumya denied any guilt in that death.

Soumya was found hanging from a tree in the jail premises on 24 August.

The suicide prompted widespread widespread criticism with human rights defenders filing case against police lapse and also casting doubts over Soumya’s role in the alleged multiple murders.

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