Forcing 1-month salary for flood relief meets resistance

Thiruvananthapuram : Even as govt stands its ground on funneling 1-month salaries of its staff in various departments, there is growing dissent on the nature of charity.

Several  teachers service associations have put in a firm ‘no’ while others are willing to contribute. Opposing groups are pitching up demand that salary must be deducted only after obtaining formal consent.

The donation drive targeting govt employees by deducting their salaries in unfair as many of them had their own homes affected by it, say groups.

The forced charity is against principles of democracy and a consent form should be issued to staff leaving it up to them to decide, said chairman of United Teachers and Employees Federation, NK Benny.

Meanwhile finance minister Thomas Isaac said the govt is firm on its stand about empoyees contribution of 1-month pay. The opinions of varied associations will however be considered, he added.

Torrential rains triggered massive flooding and landslides in Kerala in August. Lakhs of people were displaced with homes submerged. Roads, bridges and major infrastructure was also destroyed by rushing waters that stayed high for days together. The state has estimated a loss of about Rs 20,000 crore.

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