State faces electricity shortage; KSEB announces power cuts

Thiruvananthapuram : In a paradox, Kerala is faced with power shortage even as it’s dams lie filled to their full capacities. It is against this backdrop that KSEB today announced likely power cuts to imposed in several parts of the state.

The situation follows reduced power production as a result of damaged hydroelectric plants owing to recent floods. Also supplies from cnetral pool to Kerala are tight.

Electricity from Koodankulam stands reduced to 200 MW to a previous 266 MW. Also power houses at Lower Periyar, Panniyar, Pingalkuthu and other four small scale plants and Kuthungal, Maniyar hydroelectric power plants have been destroyed by floods.

Although repairs and restoration works are ongoing at war footing, the state is still short of 700 MW per day.

The Board will proceed to additional electricity from sources outside, officials said.

Meanwhile, some parts of the state might be cut off from power between 6.30 – 9.30 pm as temporary measure, they added.

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