Delhi man gets killed for intervening in roadside urination brawl

A 25-year old man in Delhi was stabbed to death as he tried to breakup a quarrel between two men who argued over urinating on the wayside.

The incident took place at Shashtri Park area on Friday.

According to police Wasim was travelling in an autorickshaw with his uncle and brother when he saw a man pleading for help by the street.

Varun sought help as the other man came down heavily on him for urinating in public. Wasim who stalled the autorickshaw to mediate, tried to pacify the two.

However, the agitated accused who has not been identified, stabbed Wasim with a knife and fled the scene.

Wasim was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.

Police have launched a  search for the culprit.


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