Trump wants to stop subsidies to India, calls it crazy

US President Donald Trump said Friday that he wants subsidies to growing economies of India and China stopped.

He was addressing a  fundraising event in Fargo city of North Dakota attacking WTO for “allowing China to become a big economy.”

Trump said the likes of India and China call themselves developing nations and get subsidies under that category. “We have to pay them money. This whole thing is crazy, but we are going to stop it. We have stopped it.”

Shoving aside  leniency assigned to the such category, Trump said “We are a developing nation, too, OK? We are. As far as I’m concerned, we are a developing nation. I want to be put down in that category because we are growing too,” he said, adding that “We are going to grow faster than anybody.”

Protection Money
Taking spirited savings to another level Trump said US should get paid for protecting wealthy countries.

“We’re protecting countries that have.. I got to say, they do have respect for us now, but they didn’t have any respect for us, and they got to pay. They got to pay, you know, when they’re wealthy,” he said.


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