Congregation disowns nuns for protesting sexploitation

Kochi : Nuns openly protesting sexual exploitation at a square in the city, have been abandoned by Missionaries of Jesus – the congregation  they belong too.

The institution slammed allegations against Jalandhar bishop calling them baseless. It saidthe protesting nuns were working under influence of outside forces aiming to cause ruptures inside Kerala’s Roman Catholic church.

The congregation issued a statement on its view on the sensational Franco Mullakal case,reiterating the accused Bishop’s defense.

“She claims rape for over two years. In that period she has appeared with me in quite some functions. If assaulted, why would she appear with me,” Bishop Mullakal had asked.

 The statement further claimed that the nun’s allegations are outcome of  adisciplinary action initiated by the Bishop Mullakal against her.

The protest
In an unprecdented protest, nine nuns including the alleged victim and a former nun who claimed similar experience, took to streets of Kochi to throw light on what was viewed as unquestioned sexual exploitation of women who assume religious habit to serve Jesus through the community.

The protest has captured media attention across the globe.

The Case
The nun who works in an institution under Punjab diocese headed by  Bishop Franco Mullakal claimed she was raped on 13 different occassions starting May 2014 by him.

The nun approached the police early May following alleged inaction by church authorities.

The case captured widespread criticism after what appeared to be pressures to suppress victim’s cry for justice.


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