India qualifies fully for NSG entry, says US; China hitch remains

Battling for India’s entry into the 48-member elite Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG), US today reiterated that India has all the qualifications needed, with regret note that China’s opposition is the only snag in the matter.

“NSG is a consensus-based organisation. India has not been able to secure membership as a result of opposition from China… we certainly believe India meets all qualifications… will continue to actively advocate on behalf of India’s membership,” said Alice Wells, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, at an event in Centre for Strategic and International Studies, a top American think-tank.

NSG monitors and controls the export of materials or technology that can be used to create nuclear weapons. China has been blocking India’s entry on procedural ground that it is not signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty(NPT).

However it is widely seen as China’s way of ensuring that India does not get into the group without Pakistan being allowed to as well.

Meanwhile Wells underscored India’s elation  announcing “We moved ahead with a Strategic Trade Authorisation-1(STA-1).”

By granting STA-1 status, US has acknowledged India as one of its closest allies.


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