Mohanlal apologises : Regrets shaming reporter for question on nun rape

Kochi : Superstar Mohananlal ate his words pertaining to snap remark on nun abuse case while at a function in the city yesterday.

Taking to Facebook, Mohanlal wrote his utterance remained  an open sore since. He further  urged the reporter forgiveness as for an elder brother and forget the episode.

The incident took place on Saturday while the actor was in the city for relief efforts. Among other things, a media staff asked his view on the ongoing nun’s protest at the high court junction.

The megastar suddenly snapped and asked “Aren’t you ashamed to ask such questions,” remarking further “Important things are being worked here. What is the relation between this and nun abuse ?”.

The sudden outburst caught media attention and was widely debated on digital forums.

Five nuns including the alleged victim are protesting holding placards, demanding the accused bishop’s arrest for raping the nun in his congregation multiple times in the past two years.


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