Fuel price rise to prove costly for Modi govt; Will not campaign in 2019 : Ramdev

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev cautioned ruling BJP-led govt that, not controlling fuel prices might prove costly in general elections, scheduled next year.

 “Many laud policies of Modi govt, but now some correction is needed… Price rise is a big rise and Modi ji will have to take corrective measures soon,” he said at a media conclave.

Ramdev also clarified that unlike 2014, he will not campaign for BJP next year.

He however sidestepped a question on whether he still vested faith in the Modi govt which he endorsed in 2014.

To why he will not campaign next year around, the guru explained “I have withdrawn politically. I am with all the parties and I am independent,” he said.

He said while Modi has worked a lot of good missions like Clean India and not let major scam to happen, the govt should bring petrol and diesel under ambit of GST and put it under the lowest slab there.

Countering Centre’s claim of revenue loss if fuel prices are slashed, he said the income should be made up by taxing the rich.

Fielding the last question at the meeting, he referred to rising rapes across that country and said it was shameful that India was being dubbed as “rare capital” by many.

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