Driver ignores alert; Bus swept away in flash floods; Himachal Pradesh

A tourist bus got washed away in flash floods that hit   Himachal Pradesh yesterday, as the adamant driver refused to take alert seriously.

The incident took place at Manali on Sunday around 5pm.

Heavy downpours burst banks of river Beas, a warning authorities forecast hours earlier.

Raging water rushed into adjoining places including a market ground where the bus was parked. Rushing water soon eroded soil beneath the bus and it got tossed into the floods.

There was nobody inside the bus, saving what could have else been a disaster.

Authorities claim the warnings of floods were largely ignored and another truck parked similarly was washed into the river.

No casualties have been reported.

Meanwhile torrential rains once again has thrown life out of gear in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh, affecting much of it’s traffic and triggering panic among population.

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