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Quality Watch : Mandatory test for telecom gadgets from 1 October

Telecom operators lured by  cheap Chinese produce are headed for a jolt, as govt is set to mandate test and certification for all telecom equipment used by providers from 1 October.

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan announced the new rule Monday.

“From October 1, every piece of equipment used by operators that comes into India must be mandatorily tested under the Indian Telegraph(Amendment) Rules, 2017,” she said.

The Rule mandates DoT(Dept of Telecom) to take punitive action under the licence norms and also seize the equipment, if a telecom operator fails to adhere to them, she added.

The players however are discomforted by the move saying the local procedure will delay network deployments and expansion.

In their later dated 29 May to Sundararajan, the Cellular Operators Association of India(COAI) has asked DoT to postpone the deadline to at least October 1, 2019.

Incidentally, Caution against Chinese companies is in line with approach adopted by developed countries like US and Australia.


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