Fuel on fire : Over 200 buses will stop services, RTO notified : Kozhikode

Kozhikode : With fuel prices surging unabated since mid-August, dozens of bus operators notified RTO  their inability to ply bus routes any more.

Over 200 buses will keep off roads  in the district. Most of these buses have their tax-period expiring this month end.

The expenditure on trips is higher than income made from it, said Rozed Nazar, President of bus association in the district.

Diesel was priced at Rs 62 in March and now retails at Rs 78, he pointed out. The wrecked roads, post recent floods and diminished passenger numbers, have added to woes, Nazar said.

The solution sought in the situation is provision of diesel subsidy to private buses, discount on road taxes and time bound hike in student concessions, say bus association leaders across districts.

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