Revenge : Nine havildars who refused to donate salary transferred

Thiruvananthapuram : In what is largely views as avenging refusal to payup one-month’s salary towards flood relief fund, nine havildars of Thiruvananthpuram battalion have been transferred.

All of them had submitted a no-consent response to the salary donation drive recently.

Though the department says the transfer is unrelated, 40 junior officers in service who approved of the charity, remain intact.

The backdrop
Torrential rains wreaked widespread flooding and landslides in Kerala last month. Lakhs of people were displaced and the state suffered an estimate of 20,000 crore in damages to its roads, bridges and main infrastructures.

The state cabinet explored varied methods to fundraise towards rebuilding efforts, including approaching diaspora in different countries.

Forcibly deducting one-month salary of govt employees was one such measure, until High Court intervened, calling it robbery.

The govt then introduced written consent procedure for the the charity, which is meeting stiff resistance from majority employees.


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