Mortuary shortage : Rajasthan doctors conduct autopsy on roadside

Medics at a government health centre in Rajasthan’s Barmer performed postmortem on two bodies on roadside Wednesday, shocking passersby.

A video on social media showed a man engaged in autopsy procedures, behind a near transparent green screen.

“There is no mortuary n the 100 km stretch between Barmer and Gadara Road. The autopsies were conducted on humanitarian grounds, with requests from police and family,” staid staffers at Gadara health centre.

Every protocol was strictly adhered to, they added.

Villagers said open-air autopsies were common occurrences and robbed the dead of their dignity.

The deceased were identified as Raja Devi and her daughter-in-law mayya Kanwar(30) who died after coming into contact with live wire while drying clothes.

In the incident, Devi’s husband was referred to Jodhpur hospital for medical treatment. He had tried to save the daughter-in-law.


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