Split-up: no ties with Congress in MP or Rajasthan, says Mayawati

Congress takes a hit as BSP supremo Mayawati on Wednesday affirmed that, her party will not ally with congress in MP or Rajasthan and would rather contest alone.

Congress rallied much to for maha gathbandhan – mega coalition – to counter BJP in upcoming Lok Sabha polls next year.

Mayawati came down heavily on Congress, accusing the party of trying to “finish” BSP, stating the grand old party is more interested in disbanding her party than taking on BJP.

She said that, while Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are genuine in their intentions for a Congress-BSP alliance, some Congress leadersare sabotaging their efforts. The dig is a

veiled attack on Congress veteran  Digvijaya Singh.

Referring to seat sharing negotiations with Congress, Mayawati said Congress offered her party only 15-20 from the total 230 seats.

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