Betrayal : Govt never argued for believers, asserts Chennithala

Echoing feel of lakhs of worshipers, opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala on Friday criticised the government for play soft on Sabarimala issue. He said govt should have acted more responsibly towards religious emotion of it’s population.

Chennithala was speaking at a fasting protest staged against Supreme Court verdict, that pulled down tradition of 800-years and allowing women of all ages to visit the famed Sabarimala shrine.

During the final hearing on the issue, the Left-led govt maintained that it was alright to allow women of all ages may be allowed pilgrimage at Sabarimala. Until the verdict, women between 10 – 50 age were not allowed at the shrine.

Though Devaswom bench fought tooth and nail to preserve the tradition however,  the apex court placed the issue on anvil of constitutional rights and ruled that all women should be allowed to into the temple there.

“The govt never argued for believers in the Surpeme court,” Chennitala said, adding that, “Even women themselves are against the verdict.”

He also criticised govt decision against filing a review petition. “Review petition is initiated by govt on SC orders on liqour shops, but they fall short of do it for women entry to Sabarimala.”

The leader concluded his address saying Congress will not allow Sabarimala to change into a land for rebels.

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