Pope compares abortion to quotation killing

Pope Francis on Wednesday compared aborting one’s unborn to hiring a “contract killer”. He was speaking to a crowd at the weekly public event.

“Interrupting a pregnancy is like eliminating someone,” Francis said in his address to devotees Wednesday. Likening it to quotation the Pope said “Getting rid of a human being is like resorting to a contract killer to solve a problem.”

He then called out to the crowd “Is it just to resort to a contract killer to solve a problem?” to which there was a chorus “no”.

On people’s tendency to abort unborns suspected of abnormalities, Francis said “When during pregnancy, parents discover their child is affected by a disease, they need real closeness, real solidarity, to face reality overcoming understandable fears. Instead they hastily terminate the pregnancy”.

According to sources, the Pope’s comments departed from the prepared text for his homily delivered during his weekly audience on Saint Peter’s Square.

In his address later , the Argentine pontiff complained of “depreciation of human life” citing wars, exploitation and “a culture of wastefulness”.

Though considered more liberal than his predecessors, Francis has not changed church teachings on family planning and sex.

This year, he opposed a bill that would have legalized abortion in Argentina. Following this thousands of Argentinian Catholics renounced their membership of the church to protest his opposition to the bill.



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