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Tragic : Gurgaon judge’s son shot in the head on life support, brain dead

Gurgaon : Haryana judge’s 17-year-old son who was shot in the head by guard on duty, has been declared brain dead, according to the hospital that mentioned him critical yesterday.

“It would be a miracle, if he survives,” said doctors at the hospital.

The judge’s wife Ritu(45) who was shot twice in the chest,¬† succumbed to excessive bleeding the same day.

The gruesome murders took place on Saturday, when the additional sessions judge Krishna Kant’s guard Mahipal, allegedly frustrated from ill treatment, shot Ritu and Dhruv outside crowded Arcadia market.

Both were rushed to hospital in critical condition.

In visuals shot by onlookers, Mahipal is seen lifting Dhruv in two failed attempts, to put him into the backseat of the family’s white Honda City. He later leaves the teen crumpled¬† by wayside and drives off.(Watch the video)

Mahipal was produced before Gurgaon court at 1 pm Sunday, and sent to four-day custody reportedly for extensive interrogation.

According to preliminary findings, Mahipal had problems at home with frequent fights confirmed by his neighbours. He was also depressed by alleged mistreatment by the judge’s family who made him do their menial chores.

The judge’s wife allegedly scolded him inside the car on their way to the market, on the fateful day.

Dhruv has been put on life support.


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