Now Karipur to serve as Hajj embarkation point, apart from Kochi

Kochi : Kochi will no longer be the solo option for Hajj pilgrims to board their planes. Karipur is all set to become embarkation point for next year’s Haj from the state.

Hajj travel applications would be provided with two airport options – Kochi and Karipur.

In another change, five persons can apply for the pilgrimage in a single cover from now on.

The decisions came about at a meeting where state Hajj committee chairman C Muhammed Faizy and Co-coordinator NP Shajahan met with Maqat Ahmed Khan, Deputy CEO Sayid, CEO and deputy CEO of Hajj Committee of India.

The Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, considered as a mandatory religious duty by practicing Muslims.


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