Eat more : Rice sale drops; Mills slash price; Matta Rs 28 a kilo

Rice sale in the state is sluggish and mills have lowered price hoping to push up momentum.

According to reports, price per kilo has been cut by a whopping Rs 15 a kilo. Matta rice is now available at Rs 28/kg from its previous Rs 28.

Civil supplies making quality  rice available at affordable rates is thought to be one main reason behind the deflation.

Good  rice is available at  Rs 5 kilo, this to people from general category.

Also during floods, govt distributed rice free-of-cost. Rice in charities also poured from adjoining states during the deluge.

All this has resulted in buffer stocks at home, leading to poor market demand.

Rice mills in the state buy paddy directly from farmers based on pre-harvest contracts. All purchases made thus, now remain heaped idle prompting mill owners to cut rices.

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