Paytm founder’s secretary arrested for blackmail, Rs 20 crore

New Delhi : Police arrested Sonia Dhawan, long-term secretary of Paytm founder, for allegedly blackmailing him with personal data extracted from his laptop. She allegedly demanded Rs 20 crore, threatening to leak information on hand.

Sonia, who has worked with Vijay Sharma’s company for over ten years, handled corporate communications and allegedly had access to Mr Sharma’s laptop, mobile and office computer.

She allegedly pulled off the crime with a colleague, Devender Kumar, her husband Rupak Jain and a fourth man Rohit Chomal.

After allegedly extracting personal data from the laptop, she passed it on to Rohit Chomal, who made the extortion call to Sharma’s brother, Ajay Shekhar Sharma who is senior Vice President with the company.

The call  threatening to cause the firm losses and tarnish its public image was allegedly made on 20 Sept, said the police adding that, Chomal demanded Rs 10 crore against the stolen data.

Chomal, a resident of Kolkata has gone missing following Sharma’s complaint with the police for alleged blackmail by his secretary and her aides.

Sharma in his complaint stated that a total of Rs 20 Crore was asked of him to prevent leakage of extracted information.

Sonia is presently in police custody and has been charged with theft, extortion, cheating, criminal breach of trust and conspiracy apart from Information Technology Act.

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