Woman bomber blows herself up in Tunisia, 9 Injured

At least nine people have been injured after a suicide bomb blast struck the centre of Tunisia’s capital, Tunis.

The bomber, a 30-year-old veiled woman , detonated explosive concealed under clothes this afternoon near le Palmarium shopping mall on Central Habib Bourguiba avenue.

The injured include eight policemen and one civilian, Tunisia’s interior ministry said.

According to the police, the woman used a hand-made grenade containing small quantities of explosives.

The video footage on social media showed a veiled woman wearing dark trousers and pink top lying dead on the ground with injuries to her left hip and stomach, in a cordoned off area.

The mall houses many cafes and restaurants as well as hotels and has regular security presence owing to govt buildings situated nearby.

The identity of the woman has not been given out so far.

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