Woman, lover arrested for ‘quotation’ to kill husband : Thrissur

Thrissur : A woman and her lover have been arrested after a hit-and-run murder plan went wrong. The ‘quotation’ gang hired to carry out the killing, too have been taken into custody by police.

Sujatha’s husband, Kumar a farmer, was hit by a car on Monday around 5:30 am while he set out for Wayanad where he had leased land.

Kumar had noticed a car parked by the wayside . Soon the car turned around and hit him, throwing him to the ground. Kumar, who survived the accident with injuries, grew suspicious on the nature of accident.

Also his wife insisted on not filing a complaint, as it would be a waste of time. However, already in doubts about wife’s closeness to a bus driver Suresh, he pursued the matter himself and traced the car.

He reported the matter to SI at Viyyur station who brought out the plot during interrogations.

Sujatha’s lover Babu paid Rs 4 lakhs to the gang who lay in wait by the road side anticipating Kumar’s return trip to Wayanad.

They assumed Kumar to take the left side of the road while the small slip foiled cover to the plot. The presence of morning walkers made them flee after the hit.

When police arrived home to arrest Sujatha, she said ” I made a mistake; Pardon me”. Cops too were moved by Kumar’s words “I loved you so much, still you wanted me dead.” he said.

Sujatha would see off their children in a private bus to school. The bus driver Babu and Sujatha later planned to live together with Kumar killed.

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