Quick-thinking Chennai woman foils ATM robbery, Receives reward

A vigilant 55-year old woman in Chennai outwitted a robber, after helping trap him inside the ATM he tried to break-in  and alert police there.

According to reports, K Sumathi lives opposite an ATM kiosk in Kollumedu in Avadi. On Friday around 2.30 am morning, she spotted a suspicious looking man standing outside the facility. A few minutes later, she saw him enter the ATM kiosk and attempt to open the machine using screwdriver.

She alerted her son, who along with a few others rushed down the road and shut the ATM door and downed its shutters.

Avadi Tank Factory police who arrived at the scene, nabbed the robber trapped inside. He was identified as Theerthamalai from Villupuram.

Chennai Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan later rewarded Sumathi for her timely alert and felicitated timely action by her 35-year-old son and friends.

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