Prime witness receives death threats with Neyyatinkara DySP on the run

Thiruvananthapuram : The prime witness in Neyyatinkara Sanal’s murder, fears for his own life, as accused DySP reputed for wrongdoings, continues to remain on the run.

On the fateful day, the victim Sanalkumar was having food from Mahin’s eatery “Sulthana”, when the police officer B Harikumar came out fuming from the moneylender’s house, after seeing a car parked in front of his.

Sanal left half-eaten food and Mahin looked on after he rushed to his vehicle. Then suddenly the plain clothed officer who was shouting loudly, thrashed and twisted his arms before throwing him onto to the road by his neck.

A speeding car ran over Sanal and he later succumbed to injuries, after alleged delaying tactics played by the policeman who attended the scene.

Mahin who was eyewitness to the assault and death, gave his account to Crime Branch officials, who took the probe over from local police.

Mahin says he shut his shop shortly after, when he received death threats for testifying.

The DySP who is well connected with politicians and police both outside Kerala, hovers as an enormous threat and Mahin’s experience could serve as deterrent for other witnesses to come forward.

“A gang of four threatened all us us. I am forced to down my shop shutters by evening for fear of attack in the dark,’ said Mahin.

A person also threatened his wife Noorjahan at the hotel, when Mahin was away, following which they closed the eatery for completely.

Mahin has requested for police protection, which they said will be lend once they get a formal complaint.

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