Tailor kills boutique owner and domestic help in Delhi

A 53-year-old fashion designer and her domestic help aged 50, were murdered inside her house in Delhi last night.

The designer Mala Lakhani owns a boutique located in Green Park.

The tailor at the boutique  has surrendered to the police, in what is being described as panic, and admitted to the crime.

Rahul Anwar, arrived at the police station alongwith two relatives-cum-accomplices, Rehmat and Wasim and admitted murdering the two.

According to the culprits, Anwar went to the workshop in Lakhani’s premises around 11 pm Wednesday, telling he had some clothes to show her. As she stepped into the workshop, he killed her with the help from the other two.

The male servant Bahadur came running and confronted the attackers, but got killed as well.

The motive is assumed to be robbery though Anwar said it was from grudge of unpaid wages.

The three suspects left Lakhani’s home in her car and took some valuables along.

The three have been produced before magistrate court in Delhi and remanded.

Police are meanwhile examining CCTV images and other clues to make the whole story out.

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