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Hartal could turn indefinite if demands go unheeded: Hindu Aikya Vedi

Ranni : The Hindu Ayika Vedi that paralysed the state after its flash hartal over arrest of its leader KP Sasikala, has warned of extending the strike, if police paid no heed its demands.

Sasikala, has begun hunger-protest at Ranni police station, where she remains in custody after arrest at 2 am at Sabarimla today, demanding that she be left at the place she was whisked away from in ambulance by cops.

Police refuse to yield saying they could release her on bail with condition that, she will not head for the hill, where situation is tense over govt trying to implement the Supreme Court Verdict.

As talks between police at Ranni and cops go poorly over the issue, Aikya Vedi leaders have warned that the hartal could be extended indefinitely if the police did not heed to its demands of devotee rights and peaceful nama japa protest for  temple sanctity.

BJP state president PS Sreedharan Pillai described Sasikala’s arrest as illegal even as  preventive Detention looms large over several leaders of right-wing outfits.



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