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Four die unable to get past exit in laundry fire : Delhi

Four employees, including two women, at a laundry unit were killed and one injured after getting stuck at exit door during a fire there.

The incident took place Friday around 12:20 in Beadonpura in Delhi’s Karil Bhag.

The deceased were identified as Bagan Prasahad (55), RM Naresh (40), Aarti (20), and Asha (40).

According to police the victims were transferring a chemical solvent into a container, when it spilled onto the floor and came in contact with a steam iron, triggering the fire.

A heavily built man seated next to the exit, tried to rush out but got stuck at the door, stranding the others behind who eventually fell victims to the fire.

Two fire tenders attended the scene and brought the fire under control in half-an-hour.

 AJeet (25), who survived the fire is being treated at a nearby hospital.

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