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Court intervenes, Pilgrims can once again rest at Valiya Nadapanthal

Sabarimala : Following reprimand at High Court, IG Vijay Sakhare, informed pilgrims that they can take rest at the Valiya Nadapanthal (roofed aisles) at Sabarimala.

The IG was lost for answer when asked by court as to why the devotees were stopped from restingĀ  at Valiya Nadapanthal and restrained the way they were at other points.

Devotees were not allowed to camp atĀ  Valiya Nadapandal for past four days, as part of police strategy anticipating potential violence.

Congress MP V Muraleedharan said he was happy to hear the restriction to rest there had been lifted.

IG however made it clear that nobody would be allowed to sleep at the Nadapanthal or rest in front of Vavaru Swami temple.

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