Joker Malware Attack again; Instruction to remove these 8 Android apps immediately

 company claims that malware authors spread these malware applications on the Google Play Store in scanner applications, wallpaper applications, message applications. These types of applications can quickly become a target. Users are advised to avoid such applications and use only those that are trusted.

The Joker malware has once again shaken the cyber world. This time, the malware has infiltrated applications in Android apps. The scientists from Quick Heal Labs has given information about the same. The Joker app that leaks OTPs, SMS, contact list and device information is highly dangerous.

Apps alerted by the Quick Heal app have been removed from the Google Play Store. Cyber ​​experts have requested that those who have downloaded the app earlier has to remove it from their mobile phones in order to resist the malware attack.

  • The 8 removed apps

1.Auxiliary Message

2.Fast Magic SMS 

3.Free CamScanner

4.Super Message

5.Element Scanner

6.Go Messages

7.Travel Wallpapers

8.Super SMS

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