Covid-19: Saudi announces partial lifting of restrictions for mosques

 Saudi Arabia had shut down mosques in the country amidst the Covid pandemic. Saudi Arabia has announced the partial lifting of Covid-19 precautionary measures from mosques across the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance recently reopened a number of mosques after temporarily shutting them down for sanitization purposes. The mosque was temporarily closed when covid cases were reported for the worshippers.

According to Arab News, seven mosques were reopened in the Kingdom – one in Makkah, six in Riyadh, three in Baha and Jazan, and one mosque each in Najran and Asir.

According to a tweet on Haramain Sharifain, the new measures will allow:

>> Return of Mushafs (Quran) to the mosques

>> Removing time limitations between adhan (or azan) and Iqamah and of the Jumuah Khutbah

>> Lessons can be conducted in mosques

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