US announces plan to allocate 5.5 cr Covid Vaccines globally

The US has announced its plan to allocate 5.5 crore doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to the rest of the world. Doses will be allocated as the second tranche, including 1.6 core jabs to 18 Asian nations such as India, Pakistan, and Nepal, as part of the Biden administration’s bid to end the pandemic globally.

Earlier this month, the Biden administration announced the plan for the first 2.50 crore vaccine doses that the US has already started shipping. The White House said, in addition to sharing doses from its own vaccine supply, the government is also committed to working with US manufacturers to produce more vaccines to share with the world.

The White House fact sheet on Monday did not provide exact figures for how many doses would be sent to each country. It only gave estimates for regions in general.

The Biden-Harris administration has so far allocated 80 million doses of America’s own vaccine supply which President Joe Biden had pledged to allocate by the end of June as part of its efforts to end the pandemic globally.

 “We should fight Covid-19 at home and work to end the pandemic worldwide, President Biden has promised that the United States will be an arsenal of vaccines for the world. Part of that plan is donating vaccines from our domestic supply, and the President has pledged 80 million (8 cr) doses to be allocated by the end of June,” the White House said.

“Our goals are to increase global COVID-19 vaccination coverage, prepare for surges and prioritize healthcare workers and other vulnerable populations based on public health data and acknowledged best practice, and help our neighbors and other countries in need,” the White House said.

The White House said approximately 14 million (1.4 cr) or 25 percent of these 55 million (5.5 cr) vaccines will be shared with regional priorities and other recipients, such as Colombia, Argentina, Haiti, other CARICOM countries, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Cabo Verde, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Oman, West Bank and Gaza, Ukraine, Kosovo, Georgia, Moldova, and Bosnia.

The government is also committed to work with US manufacturers to produce more vaccines, said the white house.

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