DMRC clarifies on long queues at Delhi Metro Station

The Covid lockdown restrictions have been relaxed in Delhi, but passengers commuting through public transport are still facing problems. 

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on Thursday issued a clarification over the long queues at stations lately. And said that the situation is such due to the existing Covid-related restrictions, and not the frequency of trains.

“DMRC is running 5,100 train trips every day. This was the same frequency at which Metro was operating during the normal pre-Covid times. The Metro is thus operating and running at its full capacity but with reduced carrying capacity owing to restrictions,” the DMRC said in an official statement.

When the national capital witnessed a surge in cases till a month back, the DMRC had intensified its safety protocols. And passengers who were found violating Covid-19 protocols were fined immediately.

As per the amended guidelines of the DMRC, passengers are advised to keep 15-20 minutes in hand. This was issued in order to save time at stations.

Records maintained by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) show that 14.86 lakh passenger journeys were performed on the network on June 23, up from 6.38 lakh on June 7, when services commenced after nearly a month.

Passenger journeys are calculated by taking into account the corridors used by a commuter in reaching from point A to point B. For example, if a passenger used three separate corridors in reaching from Huda City Centre to Mayur Vihar, she will be counted thrice.

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