EU confronts Hungary on banning LGBTQ content in schools

EU leaders holding a summit on Thursday attacked Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban over a new law in his country banning LGBTQ content in schools, which they view as homophobic and contrary to EU values.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has strongly defended a new law in his country banning LGBTQ content in schools.

“This is not against homosexuality, any sexual interference. It’s not about homosexuals,” said Orban.

“It’s about the right of the kids and the parents,” he said, adding that he would not withdraw the legislation despite fierce public criticism of it by most of his EU counterparts.

Hundreds of protesters thronged the streets of Budapest on Wednesday. They demanded the reversal of a newly adopted law that effectively bans all content about homosexuality and gender change from Hungarian school curriculum and television shows for children under the age of 18.

Introducing the legislation in parliament on Tuesday, the party claimed that the goal of the law was to ensure the “protection of children”, AP reported.

Leaders from 17 EU countries on Thursday signed on to a letter. Although not directly mentioning Hungary, they deplored “threats against fundamental rights, and in particular the principle of non-discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation”.

It came on the heels of a more explicit joint declaration earlier this week by the same countries, including heavyweights Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, which raised “grave concerns” over the Hungarian law.

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