Micheal Jackson’s Death Anniversary; Fans Commemorate the day

Micheal Jackson, ‘The king of pop’ doesn’t need any other introduction. Even after his demise in 2009, The American singer still lives in the hearts of each and every one of his fans in and around the world. Not only he mesmerized the world with his singing but also with his eye-catching dance. He made songs that were excellent to groove and he also made songs that showed that he understood the plight of people.

His death which came on June 25, 2009, shook the entire world. He passed away from a cardiac arrest, he was administered propofol, lorazepam, and midazolam and it also said that Michael’s death was caused by a propofol overdose.

After his death, music channels played his songs for 2 days straight on repeat.

Numerous fans recalled his contribution to the music industry and how he changed the music culture around the world. There were several fans who posted snippets of his music videos as they fondly remembered Michael Jackson. There were several other fans who wrote how Michael Jackson was legendary.

Michael Jackson started garnering the limelight for his immense talent and started singing songs for labels. The singer also started getting featured in ad commercials, films, and music videos. His popularity started increasing and he became a star whom the world admired. Michael Jackson has won numerous awards throughout his career. He has won eight Grammy awards and has been on the Wall Of Fame for several years. The singer has also won many American Music Awards, the first one of which was for Off The Wall and Don’t Stop ‘till You Get Enough.

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