67-year-old Woman earns Ph.D. and fulfills her teenage dream

With determination and hard work, anyone in this world can achieve heights at any time of their age. Many have proved it and made happen.

 Many people think that achieving something after young age is a bit difficult job. But age is just a number. Dr. Usha Lodaya has truly lived up to the expression. Dr. Usha, a woman from Gujarat’s Vadodara has earned her Ph.D. degree at the age of 67 years. Earning a Ph.D. in Jainism at the age of 67, and fulfilling a teenage dream has made Dr. Lodaya a true inspiration for anyone who wants to start something new at this age.

In her younger days, Dr. Lodaya wanted to be a medical professional but had to let go of the dream after getting married at the age of 20 years.

“I was in the first year of my graduation when I got married. I always wanted to be a doctor. My parents wanted me to continue my studies after marriage but I could not continue and focused on my family instead. But now I am satisfied,” Usha told ANI.

Dr. Usha has earned her Ph.D. in Jainism from Maharashtra’s Shatrunjay Academy. She first completed her bachelor’s from the same university and then proceeded to pursue her master’s in Jainism.

Being a grandmother, she encourages her children never to lose hope.

Her philosophy is to first set a goal in life and if one keeps working hard without losing courage, then one day he or she will definitely achieve the goal.

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