‘Spider-Man’ meets Pope at Vatican, the moment goes viral

We have been hearing the name of the superhero Spiderman since our childhood. Children of all ages love him, praise him and watch movies of him.

Mattia Villardita, a performer in pediatric hospitals dressed up as spiderman in Vatican.  Pictures and videos of a 28-year superhero impersonator Mattia Villardita sat in the VIP section of the audience in Vatican’s San Damaso Courtyard now going viral on social media.

 Villardita has been performing in pediatric hospitals dressed as the comic book superhero for the past four years. He was rewarded with the VIP seat at the pope’s weekly audience for his selfless service.

While he was attending the ceremony, everyone started looking at him eagerly. Soon he could get the camera’s attention and his videos went viral.

“The real superheroes are the children who are suffering and their families who are fighting with so much hope,” Villardita told the Vatican’s media outlet, Vatican News.

Taking to media, Villardita said he asked Pope Francis to pray for the children and their families.

He could meet and talk with Pop Francis and also had a chance to shake his hands.

“It was very exciting because Pope Francis immediately understood my mission.”, said Villardita. Villardita took selfies with youngsters attending the audience in a Vatican courtyard.

Besides his day job at a terminal shipping company in Italy’s north-western Liguria region, Villardita also leads an association of hospital volunteers who dress up as superheroes.

The real-life superhero was invited to the audience because of his everyday commitment to bring joy to suffering children.

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