Twitter’s grievance redressal officer resigns

Within weeks of being appointed, Twitter’s grievance redressal officer in India has resigned amid the company’s bitter feud with the government. 

Dharmendra Chatur, who has been appointed on a temporary basis, is stepping down. With this, Twitter will no longer have a grievance redressal officer in India.

Under the new IT Amendment Act, a permanent grievance redressal officer is mandatory for social media to survive in India.

Twitter made the appointment on a temporary basis while all other social media outlets made permanent appointments to the post. Following this, the IT ministry had taken away twitter’s legal protection center from India.

Twitter has been locked in a months-long clash with the BJP-led government at the center over issues ranging from requests to take down tweets supporting the farmers’ protest, discrediting posts by leaders of the BJP, and more recently new regulation. 

The case marked possibly the first time where a social media company was held liable for user-generated content in any democratic country.

The government said Twitter has lost the legal cover for such posts since it has not met the conditions of the new law.

The new rules or the so-called Intermediary Guidelines announced in February are aimed at regulating content on social media firms.

These include such as Facebook, WhatsApp messenger, and Twitter, making them more accountable to legal requests for swift removal of posts and sharing details on the originators of messages.

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